Sunday, 22 March 2009


Still not a whole lot to report, but I felt like posting about Spring, because I am quite fond of it. Cardigan-weather is great.

A friend of mine and I are hopefully going to collaborate on an etsy-based shop type affair soon, I will keep you updated of any developments with regards to this!

Tomorrow I am off to this gig, which I am rather excited about:

(poster designed by twoducksdisco)

Oh and I spent my afternoon today baking banana bread and carrot cake! The carrot cake fell apart, but I found the whole experience incredibly enjoyable and will probably eat far too much of both in the next couple of days.


  1. hehe! Thanks super Sarah.
    Could you bring your camera along tonight? Would be ace to document things. And yes, I am excited also. Whoop. See you soon.

  2. Yes of course I can, shall put it in my bag now so I don't forget :)
    See you very soon!