Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Embroidery Update

I've added a little more to the embroidery I was working on:

I imagine this'll be the sort of thing I end up adding to and adding to and then realising it looked better half-done. I'd quite like to embroider some tea towels or something next!

On Monday I was in Manchester with my sister and we visited Affleck's Palace. Aside from reminding me of my youth, there were also a few great little stalls that have popped up there since the last time I visited, a few selling fantastic original jewellery, and another selling recycled fashion. I have a website address for the recycled fashion stall, but it doesn't seem to be working, hmm. Anyway, if you are in Manchester any time then you should check it out, it's called "Love Me Again".

The idea of recycled fashion inspired me, so I ended up getting my huge bag of old clothes out (which I have been meaning to take to the charity shop for months) and I added this collar and button to an old top:
Oh and the girls I am moving in with in July all seem super interested in crafts, so hopefully we can get some super fun collaborative projects going on at some point. Hurray!


  1. The embroidery is lovely. Once you start you can't stop, gets very addictive

  2. Thank you! Yeah I found it very relaxing but also have been finding that I continue on with it beyond the point of tiredness!

  3. that embroidery is really good!!! i gave the £5 to emily yesterday or monday, i can't remember which day it was, do you want my address now?

    :) x

  4. Hello, thank you!
    Yeah, if you email your address to me I can send the necklace out on Monday :)
    Sorry for the late reply, I've been away for a few days!

  5. Haha oops, my computer seems to be logged in on my boyfriend's account....that previous comment and this one are both from Sarah!