Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I love the drawing style in old girls' magazines and annuals from the 60s and 70s:

I tried a couple of sketches myself:

I'd really like to get back into drawing/painting type art stuff, it's really nice to get lost in something like perfecting the shading on a drawing.

I went through the pictures folder on my computer recently and I've got loads of stuff saved on there from google image search and various websites. I thought I'd post a selection of it here, as nice/interesting pictures are always good food for the eyes.
I saved loads of pictures of russian dolls when I was planning the ones I made.

I loved these knitted houses!

This is by someone called Ida Rentoul, I believe.

Andrea Zuill:


  1. Nice collections things there eggy! x

  2. i like the illustrations, they're cool!

    i've still not got my necklace yet :( xx

  3. thank you! :) oh no really? it should have been there by friday, i sent it first class on thursday! that is not good. hmmm. if it isn't there by tomorrow let me know, i hope it's not got lost or anything :/ but i'll send another if it doesn't arrive. sorry you didn't have it for your night out :( xxx

  4. oops, i'm at my boyfriend's house and signed in as him...this is sarah though, oops! xxx