Monday, 16 March 2009

Enjoyable Things

Hello there!

Things I have enjoyed doing since my last update: visiting the countryside, baking, walking in the countryside, getting bargains from the supermarket just before closing time (who knew a 10p loaf of bread could be so satisfying?), the emergence of spring, Sufjan Stevens and nature documentaries. I have also been more urgently trying to find a job, hence today has involved the terribly exciting activity of filling out numerous job application forms. Needless to say, I haven't done all that much in terms of crafty stuff, although I did give a few badges away to friends of mine. Spreading the love and that.

I did manage to fit in a little sewing last night.

And here are some more russian dolls from a while ago I realised I never posted:

Annnnddd here are some cookies made by Cameron Steward, Geoge Steward and assisted by me! Check out moustache ice-cream man.

Hopefully I will have something more exciting to post about soon, until then, take care!


  1. aw, they're very cute! and those cookies are awesome, esp the ice-cream moustache - he's freaky :) x

  2. Ice cream man is the man! Though he looked a bit worried... as if he has anything to fear!!!