Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Monday, 27 April 2009

Nothing Happening


Last week I went to Elle Teague's exhibition opening at Clock Cafe/LS6, Hyde Park Corner, Leeds. She does really lovely illustrations (my personal favourite is the "you smell of poo" one) and if you're in the area I would highly recommend a visit. Clock Cafe is really nice and has recently extended to include a new gallery space upstairs, which is really cool. Hopefully there will be lots more good stuff there in future.

Here is the flyer for Elle's show:

While I am recommending things, may I also post a link to my friend Sophie's new blog, which is full of pretty things.

Also, here is a link to a poster by the boy. He took a lovely, innocent picture I drew and made it totally perverse. So be warned! Ha.

On a slightly more irrelevant note, does anyone else remember the early 90s childrens tv programme "Eerie Indiana"?

I've been watching it a lot recently and, unlike other programmes I watched when I was younger, watching it as an adult it doesn't disappoint.

Unfortunately due to computer death, I cannot upload any pictures of my own at the moment. Hopefully I will have stuff to show soon. But as I am currently having another wishing-I-could-travel moment, here is a beautiful picture of Scotland:

And on that note I shall say goodbye!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Oh Very Young

Hello! My computer has totally broken and I went away for a while to see various family members, hence my lack of updates. Luckily I have a very nice housemate and boyfriend, both of whom have computers I can use whilst I am without. Which is good.

I listened to Cat Stevens a lot while I was away, he seems perfect for the current weather and the things I have been thinking a lot about lately.

"You're only dancing on this earth for a short while
And though your dreams may toss and turn you know
They will vanish away like your daddy's best jeans
Denim Blue fading up to the sky
And though you want them to last forever
You know they never will
You know they never will
And the patches make the goodbye harder still"

More soon...

Thursday, 2 April 2009


Cameron Steward and Ash Mann have realised their first ever Tapes podcast! This one features recordings from artists such as Sam Isaac & Jose Vanders . It also has accompanying artwork & photography by various talented folk, including Cameron himself & the lovely Alex Curtis. The podcast is available here and there is another one already planned for next month if you enjoy what you hear :)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Hello Photoshop

Hello! I spent this afternoon getting acquainted with the technological wonder that is photoshop....

...with help from Cameron Steward, aka twoducksdisco. Despite my occasional technophobia, it was rather fun indeed.

I apologise for lack of updates on crafty stuff recently, I've been getting a little carried away with the drawing side of things...hopefully I will get some crafty inspiration soon!

I have been enjoying The National a lot of late. I also made a twitter account yesterday. I'm still not quite sure what it's for, but I found lots of fun people to follow. If you are also a twittering sort, mine is located here.