Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Hello Photoshop

Hello! I spent this afternoon getting acquainted with the technological wonder that is photoshop....

...with help from Cameron Steward, aka twoducksdisco. Despite my occasional technophobia, it was rather fun indeed.

I apologise for lack of updates on crafty stuff recently, I've been getting a little carried away with the drawing side of things...hopefully I will get some crafty inspiration soon!

I have been enjoying The National a lot of late. I also made a twitter account yesterday. I'm still not quite sure what it's for, but I found lots of fun people to follow. If you are also a twittering sort, mine is located here.


  1. You made it good my dear! :D

  2. this is amazing little muffin!xx

  3. this has inspired me greatly. by december, you will see how! x