Friday, 13 February 2009

Owls & Seals & Craft Shops

Hello! I have been making lots of little brooches this week.

I also visited the craft shop and got a little carried away, hence I now have materials to make necklaces:

I don't know why, but visiting the craft shop suddenly and inexplicably makes me yearn to own masses of tiny dollhouse furniture and bizarrely-shaped buttons, which I would perhaps never find a real use for.

I visited my parents at the beginning of the week, and acquired some new fabric, both from charity shops and my Mum's scrap-fabric collection. This is exciting news in Sarah-world at the moment.

Oh and, on a completely unrelated note, I saw two great films this week which I highly recommend: American Splendor and Milk. Sean Penn was absolutely amazing in Milk. I've only seen two films at the cinema this year (the other one was The Wrestler, also recommended) but this is definitely my current favourite film of 2009. I think it will take some beating.


  1. i love that russian doll necklace! is it for sale?

    oh i know your sister by the way, that's how i found your blog, she told me about it :)

  2. Hello there! Aw thank you very much :) It is for sale indeed, how does £5 sound? I could do with setting something up where people can buy my things really!

    That's cool, I am glad she is spreading the word hehe :) Do you go to the same college? x

  3. £5 sounds excellent! I don't get paid untill next friday so I will be able to send you a cheque then if that's okay, or would rather some other method of payment?

    Yer we're in the same art and photography classes, so it's really cool :) x

  4. That is fine! I shall hold onto it for you :) I can email my address if you like?

    Oh that is cool! Every time I see Emily she seems to be working on some interesting project or other :)

  5. my email is, so i'll write it tomorrow and pop it in the post with my address and such when i get your email :)

    yer, she was editing photos of you the other day in photography and i am going to berlin as well as em next week! x

  6. Thank you! I shall email you right after I've written this comment :)

    Haha, yeah she took some pictures of me and my housemate when she was in Leeds a few weeks ago. Can't believe you get to go to Berlin, so jealous! You excited? x