Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Hello there!

The Cambridge adventure was much fun, and the gallery space in which the poster show took place was incredible.

We also visited the biggest Wetherspoons in the country, which was impressive in a certain sort of way. Cambridge seems like a really lovely place, bikes everywhere and very nice people. Many thanks to Alex Curtis for putting us up!

On a completely irrelevant note, I love the colourful buildings in Nuuk:

I'd like to go one day, it looks otherworldly. I sometimes get moments where I really, really want to travel. If only I had the cash! I saw a programme last week about Billy Connolly travelling through Canada and he visited Newfoundland - it all looked amazing. I think that may be what triggered this.


  1. oh my! i want to go there...now you have triggered my traveling urges..x

  2. aww, it does look ace! maybe one day...
    hope you enjoyed tina turner :) x