Sunday, 9 January 2011


Last week I decided to write a story. I used to write quite a lot, but haven't done anything much for a while. I came up with a few little pieces, one of which I decided to submit to The Pygmy Giant where my friends Emily and Giles have had stuff published in the past. They emailed me back on Friday to say they were going to publish my story, which I was both surprised by and very pleased about indeed. You can read it here.

It is a little bit unusual for me to show people what I write, but seeing as though someone liked it enough to publish it, I thought I would put a little link to it here.


  1. Really like this sentence: "Dreams about tiny chairs walking toward a cliff edge, but those tiny chairs are all me, and they don’t stop, they drop, drop, like lemmings and shatter into the sea, spreading their parts all around, a nuisance to fish."

    Good work Reidy.

  2. This is good also Sarahfer :) xx