Thursday, 11 February 2010

...and carrot rope

In May, I am going to see Pavement. This is deeply exciting.

When I was around thirteen, I used to listen to Steve Lamaq's radio show on radio 1 and whenever I heard a song I liked, I would press "record" on my little cassette player. I ended up with these bizarre and fairly awkward-sounding tapes, full of stuff from genres I later realised I didn't like (e.g. metal) and bands who I never learned the names of. There were songs I would listen to over and over, and when I was around seventeen I finally learned that one of my favourites was by a band named Pavement. The moral of this riveting story is that Pavement are really rather good. Broken Social Scene are supporting too. I saw them on Valentine's day probably around four or five years ago and they played for about two and a half hours, which was kind of too long, but enjoyable nonetheless.

I have other exciting news too.....I am going to be a student again! And I am moving cities! At the end of June, I will be making the epic journey back across the pennines to sunny old Manchester. Leeds has been a wonderful home for me since just shy of my nineteenth birthday, but the times, they are a-changing. General excitement ensues.
Apologies for the general irrelevance of this post.


  1. hey, that's ace about the course, what will you be studying? and i'll get to see you for tea and such when you're back in manchester. lovely. x

  2. I remember doing this a lot. I had this whole exclusive Foo Fighters thing from Steve Lamaq taped. I once saw Steve Lamaq in a Burger King in London. He was small and had an unattractive face.

    What are you studenting Sarah Reid?!

  3. I have some things like this. I recall Rahzel being on one. Cool before my time I tell you. x

  4. Radio mix tapes were awesome. I wonder if I still have any at my parents' house. May look soon!

    Giles, that's a pretty awesome "celebrity" sighting. I wonder what he ate at Burger King, and if he enjoyed it. I hope he did. He does have a strange face though, yes.

    I am going to be studying Library and Information Management, eep! Scary/exciting. It'll be lovely to see you again Emily, it's been ages! Hope you are well.