Monday, 14 December 2009

Ice Cream Man

On Sunday the lovely twoducksdisco & I shared a stall at the Handmade craft fair which look place at the Brudenell Social Club in sunny Leeds. There was lots of tea, cake, sweets and pretty handmade things on show, which meant I was in a certain sort of heaven...until I ate too many sweets like a small, overexcited child. Thanks to Amy for organising the whole thing.

Sunday was also the debut for Ice Cream Man, a collaboration between myself and Mister twoducksdisco, which can now be purchased from my etsy shop (or will be in about fifteen minutes when I have finished the listing)



  1. Nice blogging! Though the air of mystery that lingers around 'who is twoducksdisco?' is now on show for the world to see ;-P

  2. Thanks twoducksdisco, sorry to have ruined your air of mystery! :P xxx

  3. happy new year sarah!

    hope you've had a lovely christmas time. i'm going to london today, and then off to bruges tomorrow - am so excited :)

    hope to see you very soon.

    ps: could you email your mobile number to me:


  4. happy new year to you emily!

    hope you enjoy bruges, it looks like a beautiful place :)

    my christmas was lovely, although back to work on monday, which is not good!

    i will email you right after i've sent this.