Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The End of the World.

Last night I went to see a film by Werner Herzog called "Encounters at the End of the World". It was about Antarctica and all the people he met there.

I've had a fascination for a long time with extremely cold places, places so north or south that the sun doesn't set or rise at certain times in the year, so the concept of this film appealed to me. Herzog's narration was warm and funny and the landscape was stunning....there was amazing footage from dives underneath the ice, but the film was mostly about the eccentric people who live and work there... I especially liked the scientist who showed science-fiction films to those he worked alongside and performed guitar concerts to barely anyone on the remote roof of his laboratory. And the idea of living on a thick sheet of ice and being able to hear the sounds of seals swimming underneath it was one I especially liked. Anyway, a very good film, see it if you get the opportunity!

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