Tuesday, 27 January 2009

By Way of Introduction

Hello & welcome to my new blog!

I made this blog with the intention of updating anyone who may be reading about the things I may have been making, and also about things other people have made which I may happen to like. I may also end up updating about boring things such as what I ate for lunch, and I apologise for this in advance. I recently found myself without a job, so cheese and tomato toasties have taken on new and exciting qualities for me.

Around six months ago I started making badges/toys/things out of felt and fabric for both myself and my friends and family. My efforts were, to primarily my own surprise, not disastrous (not to say they won't be future!), so I thought that now I have a little time on my hands I would create this little place to chronicle my creative experiments.

So yes, hello, welcome, and I hope you enjoy your stay :)


  1. HA LOL INTERNET CRIMEZ, I actually have written a blog about similar fare, you can see it at www.dollymix.tv (which is what I've been writing for of late)

    See you this weekend muthafuckaaaaaa (sorry, I know bad language is frowned upon in the world of felt and smiles) xxxxxxxxx

  2. YOU!! HELLO!!

    Mary told me about DollyMix stuff, I had a look and it is exciting! You been doing lots of writing lately then?

    Haha, the world of felt and smiles does not mind the odd bit of bad language every now and again, so I'll let you off this time :P

  3. p.s. well siked on seeing you this weekend! xx